Valentina Loffredo 
. Hong Kong .

“There was no time, no thought, there was nothing – just the light and a profound, limitless stillness.” – Pema Chodron

01_LR_STILLNESS by Valentina Loffredo_Ph
03_LR_STILLNESS by Valentina Loffredo_Ph

The Collection

Stillness explores the healing process that leads us from a trauma back into life, in a visual-narrative sequence of eleven photographs. Through recurring symbolic elements and uncanny compositions, Valentina Loffredo draws a parallel between our life and a seascape and observes what happens after a sudden and unexpected storm.

“Bereft of spatial or temporal connotations, inhabited by enigmatic presences, these photographs […] are presented as the visual translation of a mental space, which transports us into a dreamlike, metaphysical dimension. They inhabit a space on the verge between autobiography, imagination and reality, opening up its expressive strength to a shared, empathic human dimension.” – Ilaria Speri – curator and writer.

02_LR_STILLNESS by Valentina Loffredo_Ph
04_LR_STILLNESS by Valentina Loffredo_Ph
05_LR_STILLNESS by Valentina Loffredo_Ph
06_LR_STILLNESS by Valentina Loffredo_Ph
04_LR_STILLNESS by Valentina Loffredo_Ph

About the Artist

Valentina Loffredo is an Italian fine art photographer, based in Hong Kong. Her art practice begins in late 2013, when Loffredo starts experimenting with photography and posts her images on Instagram. Her work achieves immediate success, leading, in 2017, to a series of solo and group exhibitions. Her series “As for me, I’m very little” has been exhibited with solo shows in Hong Kong and Milan and featured Personal Structures, collateral event of the 57th Venice Art Biennale. Two of her photographs have been selected by Sotheby’s for their auction Curated: turn it up. Her first photography book will be published by New Heroes & Pioneers in early 2019.

09_LR_STILLNESS by Valentina Loffredo_Ph
10_LR_STILLNESS by Valentina Loffredo_Ph
07_LR_STILLNESS by Valentina Loffredo_Ph

Stillness will be presented this week in Hong Kong at the Novalis Art Design Gallery at Soho 189

Curated by Angela Grossi




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