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. Yandangshan .

Once upon a time, someone asked an old poet who had visited Yandang Mountains many times,
"How would you compare Yandang to the Yellow Mountains?" The old poet replied: "Both have their wonders, the Yellow Mountains are magnificent and wondrous, while Yandang Mountains are spiritual and wondrous, but you must visit them yourself to understand what I mean."

By Xu Xiao - China Daily



Located in Leqing county of Wenzhou city, the Yandang Mountains are 68 km from the city center. There is a lake on the top of the mountain where wild geese flying to the warm south come to spend their winters. This is how the mountain got its name "Yandang" -meaning the place where wild geese live.
Yandang Mountains cover a total area of 450 sq km. Regarded by scientists as a natural museum of great historic and scientific significance, the mountains are divided into eight scenic areas, among which the most famous are the Three Wonders: the Spiritual Peaks Ling Feng , the Spiritual Rocks Ling Yan and the Big Dragon Waterfall Da Long Qiu.

By Xu Xiao - China Daily


"Look, is that the Scissor Peak ?"
"No that's the Crocodile Peak...or 

the Two Penis Peak "

"The whattt? Hahah!"
"Gosh when is this Mars stepping

out of the Universe again?"

"August 27."


20:30  - East Garden Lounge

Angie and Yan after a very long working day, two VERY empty stomachs, a few Casillero Del Diablo glasses, and LOUD laughs.




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East Garden Homestay

Yankan has been a fantastic host! He took great care of me and I can't be thankful enough for his warm hospitality. Although we couldn't speak the same language he mastered to help on anything needed using a special 'translator app' from his phone.

He picked me up from the car park and helped to arrange a driver on my way back to the airport. I had a problem with my room aircon and he managed to fix it within the day. He gave me directions about how to use the bus to explore all the majestic sights of the Valley and he offered his WeChat contact in case I needed any help meanwhile I was out and around.
Luo - the lovely lady who takes care of the kitchen - invited me to prepare dumplings with her so we cooked together. Yankan is a great chef too - if not too busy with the property management - he will be more than happy to share his culinary skills with you. Don't look for western food around, you wont find ANY and that's indeed the best thing; everyone in Da Long Qiu has a veggie garden - all is fresh, authentic and delicious. I wish I could have Luo's breakfast everyday!

East Garden felt like home and I'll be back for sure.

Thanks again Yankan and see you soon :) 

Curated by Angela Grossi

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