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The longest journey begins with

a single step.


Ever heard about Raja Yoga?

Not me, no. Pure Yoga doesn’t have it on its schedule: Hata, Flow, Hot, Alignment - my favorite - can't see any Raja. Did I spell it right? R-a-j-a.

Not until last February 2020 when -transitioning from my Kong Kong life to my Italian life I’ve decided to stop by Pushkar, to say hi to my lovely Fior Di Loto Girls and ended up as a Raja Yoga teacher myself after a full month of intensive training with the legendary Swamiji Kapri. 

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"Let’s rekindle the flame of humanity within each one of us and treat protecting the rights of others as our responsibility and stop misusing whatever authority we have in family or in society! This one step has the potential to change the world and make it a heaven!"

Swamiji Kapri

[...] Born on April 3, 1946 in a small village Seerar high up in the Himalayas on the border of China and Nepal Swamiji was given the name Harshvardhan as per his zodiac sign. His maternal uncle found it difficult for a region where people cannot differentiate between s and sh and changed it to Jagdish Chandra. [...]

In 1968 he joined Advertising a profession he did not know existed before he appeared for the interview. He became a copywriter at Ulka Advertising a creative boutique those days now FCT! In 1976 moved to the largest ad agency then HTA and now JWT and switched from Creative to Management! He went on to head the regional operations of five of the ten top AD agencies in India during next two decades!


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Raja Yoga

"Raja Yoga is the source of all styles of yoga that are practiced today,  it is authentic and pure  in the sense that it is based on scriptures. It is also known as Ashtanga yoga or Aadi yoga or Satyananada yoga.

It includes Hata yoga, Kundalini yoga, Dhyana yoga and Kriya yoga. The main difference between Raja Yoga and other variants is Raja Yoga approaches yoga as a spiritual discipline. Therefore everything - Asana, Pranayam, Mudra and Bandha are gentle and meditative. We don’t use external props- blocks, belts etc. We believe each one of us is unique - physiologically and psychologically and that uniqueness is our asset and it should not be undermined. Moreover, the purpose of yoga is to bring mind under control and remove klesha (afflictions). Therefore emphasis is on feeling and experiencing than merely knowing."

- SJ

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Pushkar Meditation Temple

I think it’s unquestionable that we are living in a time of great change and confusion. It sounds like we are all stuck in this crazy loop where  things appear to be getting better and worse better and worse with a constant accelerating pace!


“We have had many revolutions in last 100 years. But human race has never been so miserable, insecure and tormented as today. Everyone, everything on this planet seems wounded.”


Future is something we can barely see but so far doesn’t look very promising. “Focus on the present” they say...yes sure, which one? COVID or the civil war I had across my street in Hong Kong just a couple of months before? What’s next?

What do you mean with focus on the present???


It’s hard to keep balance when your surrounding looks less like an heavenly Wat Pa Tam Wa and more like a claustrophobic 20sqmf apt with no terrace in Milan.


Knowing how to ease your mind in any what-so-ever-f***ing-ever-situation is absolutely key and that’s the very special gift I’ve got from Swamiji.


We all need to tap in to our inner genius more than ever now, the World needs it! If there’s something missing in the way we feel it’s because we are way too focus on doing doing doing rather than just being. That’s the greatest gap!


“Are we just bodies or more than just bodies?”


Thanks to Swamiji I now know how to use my body to become more present no matter the present, to recognise the beauty behind fear and anxiety as all other emotions and - most important thing over all - how to connect with my inner wisdom, which is absolutely AWESOME!


Once you feel it you don’t loose it: breath, consciousness and practice, that’s all you need. Yoga is not to be thought, is to be shared and this is what I am doing right now, one day at a time. Starting from my closest people, my family, my neighbourhood, my friends.

Officially getting ready to start my own breath revolution. Wanna join me?

That didn’t convince you? I’ve been quarantined with my parents for more than two months after being living abroad for the past 15 years and we all are still alive...haha well, that’s the ultimate proof that BREATH POWER IS REAL, you can trust me 200%

Written by Angela Grossi

Photos by Mattia Mionetto




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